Newsletter Archives

The Reading Forecaster newsletter, which was published until 2013, was a treat for all Portland Reading Council members. The digital issues archived here are filled with resources, informative articles, book reviews, teaching ideas, information on upcoming council events, and more. In 2014, PCIRA began publishing “Literacy Bytes”, a monthly digest featuring short articles, council information and links to resources.

Past Issues:

Forecaster.Fall.2013 Finding Balance

Forecaster.Spring.2013 Literacy Unplugged

Forecaster.Fall.2012  Essential Digital Tools for Your Classroom

Forecaster.Spring.2012 Literacy on the Horizon

Forecaster.Winter.2012 The Reading-Writing Connection

Forecaster.Winter.2011 Using Assessment to Inform Instruction

Forecaster.Fall.2011 Accelerating Readers and Writers in the Classroom

Forecaster.Fall.2010 Literacy in the Digital Age

Forecaster.Spring.2010 Invigorate Your Teaching and Nurture Yourself

Forecaster.Winter 2010 Differentiated Instruction

Forecaster.Fall 2009 Great Reads for a Great Year

Forecaster Spring 2009 Sustaining Literacy Throughout the Summer Months

Forecaster.Winter.2009 Teaching to Promote Equity

Forecaster.Fall.2008  Writing Instruction