Celebrate Literacy Awards

Sponsored by the International Literacy Association and the Portland Reading Council, the Celebrate Literacy Award recognizes organizations, institutions, and individuals that have made significant literacy contributions at the local level. The hope is that the celebration will familiarize the public with literacy activities in the community and call attention to the work that is being done by individuals and schools in promoting literacy.

The Portland Reading Council seeks your nominations for individuals who demonstrate the following qualities:

•  Dedication to promoting literacy                                                                                                    •  Lifelong love of reading which is instilled in others                                                                    •  Significant contributions to literacy at the local level

2020 Winners

The Portland Reading Council announces the winners of the 2018 Awards

2017 Celebrate Literacy winners below:

• Lindy Sproul, Boeckman Creek Primary, West Linn-Wilsonville  • Tina Roberts, Gresham HS, Gresham-Barlow  • Jennifer Poore-Bentley, Russell Elementary, Parkrose  • Patricia Hill Welch, Branch Manager (retired), North Portland Library

2016 Celebrate Literacy winners below:

Venisha Bahr, District Media Specialist, Gresham-Barlow S.D.; Donna Butuso, Instructional Coach, North Clackamas S.D.; Chrissy Lawrence, Literacy Coach, Sherwood S.D.

venisha donna-butusoNew Chrissy

                                                                                                                                                              • 2015 Celebrate Literacy winners below:

Laura Kintz, Principal at Alberta Rider Elementary (Tigard-Tualatin S.D.)              Carrie Blythe, Language Arts teacher at Alder Creek MS, (N. Clackamas S.D.)            Karen Johnson, Language Arts teacher at Twality MS (Tigard-Tualatin S.D.)


                                                                                                                                                              • 2014 Celebrate Literacy winners below:

Nina Saarroub-Boyd, Language Arts Teacher at Canby H.S, (Canby S.D.); Diane Bonica, Kindergarten teacher at Deer Creek Elementary (Tigard-Tualatin S.D.); Donna Bush, Title One Instructional Coach at Lot Whitcomb Elementary (N. Clackamas S.D.)

CL Winners 2014


• 2013 Celebrate Literacy winners below: Caroline Hay, Susan Payne, Jen Stearns (all from Tigard-Tualatin), Andrea Shunk (David Douglas), and Cathy Doty (Portland Public Schools)

CL Winners 2013


• 2012 Celebrate Literacy winners: James Dugan (Parkrose), Debbie Alvarez (Beaverton),  Marie Schmieding (Canby) and Lanny Ball (Gresham-Barlow)

• 2011 Celebrate Literacy winners: Amy Thibault (West Linn/Wilsonville), Nancy Utterback (N. Clackamas) , Kathy Haynie OR City), and Jane Koivisto (Concordia)

• 2010 Celebrate Literacy winners: Melissa Reid (Canby), Kelly Gomes (PPS), Becky Bard (Tigard-Tualatin), Linda Hoyt (Literacy Superstar), and (not pictured) Richmond School Volunteers

• 2009 Celebrate Literacy winners: Nancy Wheeler (N. Clackamas), Christy Shaver (Tigard-Tualatin), Nancy Sullivan (PPS), and Stan Foote (Oregon Children’s Theater)

• 2008 Celebrate Literacy winners: Joan Flora (Canby), Terry Jensen (PPS), Andrea Milano (Multnomah County Library), Lisa Williams (Beaverton), Lee Ann Norbury (N. Clackamas)

• 2007 Celebrate Literacy winners: Karen Clement (Beaverton), Marie-Louise Metzdorff (PPS)

• 2006 Celebrate Literacy winners: Margie Lawler (PPS), Sue Rindone (Reynolds)

• 2004 Celebrate Literacy winners: Linda Christensen (PPS), Deleen Baker (OR City)

• 2003 Celebrate Literacy winners: Anne Kolibaba (Reynolds), Franki Dennison (PPS)